Abolish Frontex

What we’re calling for:

  • Abolish Frontex
  • End all Frontex operations and remove all Frontex presence currently deployed
  • Stop the push-backs and the pull-backs
  • EU member states refuse to participate in Frontex missions – logistically (contribution of equipment and assets) and personnel-wise
  • EU member states stop requesting Frontex support for border operations and deportations
  • Cut Frontex’ budget and reject any proposed expansion
  • Disband the Frontex standing corps
  • Stop hiring new Frontex staff
  • Redirect spending on border protection towards services and resources for migrants, social services, welfare, health, education and transitioning towards a low-carbon economy
  • NGOs: leave Frontex’ Consultative Forum


Frontex is the personification of the EU’s repressive migration and border policies. The agency plays a leading role in EU border security and control work, deportations, cooperation with third countries and contacts with the military and security industry. In the last few years its powers, budgets and number of employees have rapidly increased. It can now give binding advice to EU member states to strengthen border security efforts and can even intervene in their border security affairs, when the Council decides to do so upon a proposal by the European Commission.

While part of Frontex’ new mandate is the building of its own standing border guards corps and equipment pool, it nevertheless depends on EU member states making personnel and equipment available to run its operations. Member states also usually request Frontex assistance, in the form of operations or otherwise.

NGOs legitimising Frontex

Frontex has a Consultative Forum, which “brings together key European institutions, international and civil society organisations to advise the European Border and Coast Guard Agency in Fundamental rights matters.” Instead of having a serious role in addressing Frontex’ role in human rights violations, this forum acts as a tool to legitimize the existence of Frontex and these violations, by providing the agency with the appearance of approval and in-house control mechanisms.

Research and resources:

Media investigations:

The aim of #AbolishFrontex is not to reform or improve Frontex, or to replace it with more of the same. Instead, we are targeting the policies and system that keeps Frontex in place. We are working towards the dismantling of the border-industrial complex, and the building of a society where people are free to move and live.


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