Anti-Racism. Decolonisation. Social Justice. Equality. Freedom of Movement. End the EU border regime

Who we are

#AbolishFrontex is a decentralised and autonomous network of groups, organisations and individuals. The aim of #AbolishFrontex is not to reform or improve Frontex, or to replace it with more of the same. But rather to target the policies and system that keeps Frontex in place.

#AbolishFrontex is working towards ending the EU border regime; dismantling the border-industrial complex, and building a society where people are free to move and live.

Some of the groups that support the campaign include:

If your group, movement, organisation or collective has read what we’re calling for and wants to support the campaign to #AbolishFrontex, please send an e-mail to info@it.abolishfrontex.org.

How we organise

Anyone who agrees with the vision and aims of #AbolishFrontex can take action under its banner.

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